Explore Health Extension for Diabetes Programming Materials

HED's  Educational Sessions

Healthy Coping

Teaching participants to have a positive attitude towards self-managing their diabetes and to have social support with other individuals with diabetes

Nutrition & Physical Activity

Learning how to eat high quality, nutritionally dense foods in amounts that lead to better health and wellness and learning different types of daily physical movement

Medication & Monitoring

Ensuring participants follow their day-to-day prescribed treatment and learning to check blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, to engage in physical activity, and to understand their food intake to make decisions about their diabetes care and self-management

Risk Reduction & Problem-Solving

Teaching participants behaviors that reduce the risk or prevent diabetes-related complications and helping participants navigate challenges by using different problem-solving techniques to better self-manage their diabetes

HED's Support Sessions

Individualized Care

Facilitators work with each participant in their cohort to help address their individual needs.

Resource Navigation

From food resources to help connecting with medical resources, facilitators can connect their participants to resources available to them in their community.


Facilitators are able to offer their participants support and help them navigate through the ups and downs of diabetes management.


Support sessions allow facilitators to touch-base with their participants and their progress and keep their participants accountable to the goals they have set for themselves. 

HED Outcome Measures

Nutrition Questionnaire


Physical Activity Questionnaire


Diabetes Knowledge Survey


Self-Efficacy for Diabetes Survey


HED Program Licensing Costs

First 3-Years $10,000 First time Program Partners pay a flat rate of $10,000 to license HED for the first 3-years. Each subsequent year following costs $5,000/yr to license HED. Facilitator  training costs $2,500/yr. Training costs are to prepare up to 10 facilitators to
deliver HED.  
Three-hours of virtual yearly technical assistance is required for Program Partners at $250/session. There are no limits on the number of participants a licensee can serve each year.